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Aimée Rose aka Strongwoman Aimee, is a competitive Strongwoman and spokesperson helping to grow the sport in Canada. She is also the Founder of Love to Train, a Holistic Training Facility in Ottawa, Canada delivering Health and Wellness programs ranging from accessible to elite to people of all ages. Drawing from her training and experience as an athlete, writer and Holistic Fitness and Lifestyle Coach, Aimée guides aspiring and accomplished athletes to become their best possible selves.

After struggling much of her life with scoliosis and multiple food sensitivities, doctors labeled Aimée physically disabled at a young age. Defiant of her diagnoses, she cultivated her own physical and mental strength and went on to challenge her body and mind in bodybuilding, strongman competition and Ironman 70.3.

After facing these challenges, Aimée committed her life and career to empowering others with knowledge and techniques to find the strength within. As a multi-sport athlete and a sports training practitioner working with an array of clients, Aimée believes that applying evidence-based, mind-body training techniques in sports training is central/critical/essential element of success.

With her work grounded in empowerment methodologies, Aimée coaches clients seeking to build physical strength, agility and stamina to apply healthy habits and reshape their body while pursuing diverse fitness goals.